Free Wooden Double Doors

Pickup Only
Caves Beach, NSW, Australia

Wooden double doors, passive leaf, with rebate.

Looking from the outside, the left hand door opens inwards, with the right hand door passive (also opening inwards) and secured by a bolt.

Measurements for the entryway are approximately 1635mm wide × 2065mm heigh.

Each door measures 820mm wide × 2045mm heigh × 40mm thick.

Includes brass keyed-alike deadlock and Lane mortice lock with set of keys, brass pull handle, six hinges, door bolt, decorative moulding on doors, and weather stripping on the bottom of the doors.

Doors are fairly heavy, each approximately weighs 40kgs.

The doors are pickup only.

All in working order.

Surplus to requirements as alternative doors have now been fitted.

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