Got a question?

Need an answer?

Then uthinki can help.

As a platform, uthinki represents a means for people to connect with other people. To answer each other’s questions, and, to question each other’s answers.

On uthinki, a world of potential opinions awaits.

Some opinions will float to the top, others may sink or never even get off the ground. Some may wonder why this is so.

If someone wants to stay on the surface, they can. Similarly, if someone wants to dive into the depths of things, then also they can.

A question asked may mean different things to different people. Such is the art of communication. And the diversity of each individual person.

What you need to know about uthinki, is that unthinki can span from game to game theory (including the analysis and statistics in between) without the need to stop.

Want just a game? Done.

Want something much more than a game? Also done.

What you make of uthinki, is up to you. As is how you choose to use it, and it’s left for you to guess whether others will also do the same.

What is the question I am asking?

You could stop there, if you want. Yet uthinki can help you take your questions (and answers) further:

Who are the thought leaders, the followers, the influencers?

Why are some people less likely to respond?

How should the results be analysed?

Where are opinions the same or different?

When is opinion shifting?

What do people believe this question is really asking?

Offering both the qualitative and the quantitative is something uthinki does. And dare it be said: uthinki can even make answering questions fun. Playing need not only be distraction, it can also be learning.

Whether it’s casting as wide a net as possible or aiming for pinpoint accuracy, uthinki can help you with this.

Why only get a second opinion on something, when a world of opinions await?


Please email: info@uthinki.com

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