Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last modified 13 March 2015.

The Privacy Policy (“Privacy”) must be read in conjunction with the Terms of Service (“Terms”) documentation.

Information Collected

Personal information provided by the User of the Services pertains to that provided in the creation of an account to log into uthinki. This will likely include, but not be limited to, the User’s username, email address, and the User’s image icon. The User’s username, image icon, and Social Capital may be displayed publicly within the Services, and such public information may be searchable by search engines. The User may also upload files and create their own content within the Services; these remain the property and the responsibility of the User as outlined in the Terms.

Additional information collected will include that obtained through the use of the Services, and may include how Services are accessed and used. These may include, but are not limited to: device specific information, such as web browser, hardware and operating system details; information derived from web server logs, which may constitute details of how the Services, including those specifically related to the Game and the data derived thereof, are being accessed and used, and may include the collection and processing of information regarding the actual location of the User; local storage and collection of information on the User’s device may occur such as with data application caches; the Internet Protocol (IP) address; and cookies which may uniquely identify the User’s device and uthinki account when logged in such that a unique application number exists, in addition to, that uthinki may use cookies and anonymous identifiers where uthinki’s Services are offered beyond its own website and Game, such as on others’ sites. Any data generated through the use of the Services remains the property of uthinki.

Use of Collected Information

Information collected by uthinki from the Services and the usage thereof is done to: provide the Services themselves, maintain, improve, and protect these the Services including the development of new features, including the potential personalisation or customisation of content to best improve the User’s experience; to maintain the integrity of the Game, such as the monitoring of activity, to best aim to detect, defend against, and prevent instances such as cheating, fraudulent activity, or inappropriate behaviours, as outlined within the Terms; to protect uthinki and its users, including the privacy of the latter.

Where the User has created an account with uthinki, this may be used uniformly across all Services provided to ensure consistency where a login is required. Furthermore, the User’s username, image icon, and Social Capital may be displayed publicly within the Services, such as on leader boards in association with the Game, and on the User’s profile page, should these exist.

A record may be kept of any correspondence with uthinki; the contact details provided by the User in such correspondence may be used to further inform of the Services.

Within the Services, uthinki may combine personal information with information and data collected to better facilitate its Services.

Unless otherwise outlined within the Terms and Privacy documentation, the User’s personal information shall not be shared with any third parties. Should any information be requested to be used in a manner which is beyond the scope and purposes as outlined within the Terms and Privacy documentation, the User’s consent shall be asked for; and providing access to, and the use of, said information will only occur if the User’s consent is granted.

With respect to the data, uthinki reserves the right to retain and use any aggregated non-personally identifiable information collected, including but not limited to sharing with this a third party or parties.

Information collected, processed, and stored, may occur on a server outside of the User’s country of residence.

Opting In and Out of Shared Personal Information

Where the User has created an account with uthinki, aside from the User’s username, image icon, and Social Capital, the User shall be able to control, modify and review how much of their personal information is publicly available, or shared with specific others, via the choices of opting in, or, opting out, to and of the features, and through the use of the features, within the Services.

The User may set their browser to block all cookies, however, the Services may not function properly if cookies are disabled.

The User may delete their account, upon doing so, their personal information shall no longer be available within the Services; however, the information, or data derived from it, may be retained by uthinki for legitimate business or legal purposes. This may also include the fact that where a request has been made by the User to delete information from the Services, not all residual copies may be immediately deleted from the servers, and said information may not necessarily be removed from backup systems.

The deletion of the User’s account shall also result in any and all Coins and Social Capital the User may have had, becoming null and void, as outlined within the Terms. Any open questions that the User may have asked may also, and likely shall, cease to be active within the Game, which may impact upon other users.

For the User to update or delete an account, including any associated personal information, uthinki may request verification of the User’s identity before complying with the request. Furthermore, as outlined within the Terms, uthinki may delete an inactive user account.

While uthinki aims to comply with, and accommodate the privacy concerns and needs, so as to be amenable to all users of its Services, uthinki reserves the right to reject requests from users which it considers unreasonable, including but not limited to: those of an excessively repetitive, impractical, or technical nature; or which may impact upon and risk the privacy of others, including those whom may not necessarily be a user of uthinki’s Services.

Information Shared by uthinki

Personal information within and generated by uthinki’s Services will not be shared with others outside of uthinki, except under the following circumstances: where the User has expressly given their consent and permission to share their personal information with a specific third party or parties under specific circumstances via opting in to do so; where the User’s uthinki account is managed by a domain administrator, wherein the domain administrator shall have full access to any and all of the User’s uthinki account information and settings; where personal information is required by an affiliate of uthinki for the purposes of processing an item or feature related to the Services, if and only if, this is in strict compliance with both the Terms and Privacy documentation and any other confidentiality and security measures or requirements are reasonably in place; where required under the applicable law, or laws, for legal purposes where uthinki believes in good faith that the information, including but not limited to, its access, disclosure, preservation, or usage, is reasonably necessary to comply with any applicable law, enforceable government condition, request or regulation, or legal process, including those which reasonably seek to prevent illegal activity, or to enforce the stipulated Terms, which beyond their purview may also further be extended to any and all methods for the addressing of, detection, and prevention of fraud, or suspected fraudulent activity, along with security and technical issues arising thereof or in addition to these, or related therewith, beyond which also includes the protection of the rights and properties of uthinki, the users of its Services, or the general public, as required or permitted by law.

However, non-personally identifiable information, such as data generated from the use of uthinki’s Services, may be shared within uthinki and its Services to users, as well as outside of uthinki with third parties such as companies, individuals, and organisations for the purposes of including but not limited to advertising, analysis, marketing, and research.

Security Protocols

Encryption using SSL is provided for the User to access potentially sensitive aspects of the Services, such as with the usage of the User’s uthinki account. As stipulated, and in addition to, as stated in the Terms, these accounts may be monitored for what may be considered potentially anomalous or unauthorised access, and uthinki may seek User identity verification before complying with some requested alterations to the related account. Information is stored securely, both electronically and physically, with the appropriate security measures; in addition to the access to any personal information of the User, and users, is restricted on a need to know basis for uthinki’s employees, agents, and contractors, whom must be in compliance with enforceable contractual confidentiality requirements.

Application of, and Compliance with, the Privacy Policy

This Privacy documentation, along with the Terms, applies to any and all of the Services provided by uthinki. It does not apply to other individuals, companies, entities, or sites, which may include or incorporate uthinki’s Services within them, or link to, or be present within, uthinki’s Services; as such, it does not cover the practices of those who are not uthinki, and may offer their own services, such as including but not limited to advertising, and such entities may therefore have their own associated cookies and other technologies.

Compliance with the Privacy Policy is regularly reviewed, as is the documentation itself. In accordance, any material update or alteration of, or to, the Terms or Privacy documentation shall be made public to users of uthinki.

Wherever possible, uthinki and its users, and the User, shall adhere to self-regulatory frameworks, and content may be altered, modified, or revised accordingly, as per the Terms. Where formal written complaints are made and received, uthinki shall aim to address the complainant and resolve their concerns. Any matters which may not be resolved directly by uthinki and its users, may be dealt with in conjunction with the appropriate regulatory authorities.