How much does Christopher Pyne remind you of Mr Squiggle?

Politics delivers its fair share of laughs, in a tears of a clown kind of way.

Where the big red button doesn’t make it stop, instead it’s probably going to make a honking sound and be on the nose.

Australian politics is no different in that regard.

A look at the names of the electorates is usually enough to start shaping some form of balloon animal.

From Corangamite, which could be a challengingly cheap, and surprisingly red, alternative to Vegemite. Possibly sold by Aldi, but only if people look hard enough.

To Grayndler, which in modern times isn’t hard to mistake for some sort of poling app.

Then there’s the dynamic trio of Batman, Bruce, and the almost misleading Hotham. It doesn’t take the world’s greatest detective to deduce that Wayne Enterprises made some very significant political donations in the state of Victoria. The joke would be on the conspiracy theorists out there, if they could coincidentally use this information to triangulate the exact location of the Batcave.

But this riddled focus shifts from three to two other long-running stalwarts of Australian culture:

Mr Squiggle and Christopher Pyne.

One is lots of fun for everyone, the other is an entertaining man from the moon.

As a television show, Mr Squiggle spent 40 years gracing the small screen before finally calling it a day. Perhaps Mr Squiggle got back into Rocket and flew home to the moon, after one too many “hurry up” jibes from Blackboard.

As for Christopher Pyne, he has been a Liberal politician for the long haul, and the Member for Sturt since 1993 until who knows when in the future. What political squiggles the fixer has turned upside down in his time in Parliament may have worn out more than a few pencils.

Now apart from the hair, freckles and voice – which could be enough – it might still seem like it’s all a rather abstract line to draw, but watch and learn:

How do the dots connect, hurry up and answer the uthinki question below: