Hillary Clinton Nods so Much, she gets Turned into a Bobblehead Doll

It’s more than a figurative nod to Hillary Clinton and her nodding ways.

Collectibles toymaker Royal Bobbles have taken the literal approach and created a Hillary Clinton bobblehead doll.

Both the politician and doll will probably take it on the chin.

Then nod back and forth in almost hypnotic agreement.

The nodding action which inspired the Hillary Clinton bobblehead doll, has been videoed numerous times.

On the campaign trail in America, seemingly its occurrence is more regular than clockwork, Old Faithful, or a patriotic US pensioner on a steady diet of prunes.

Whether Hillary is over-coached and overplaying a body language indicator of interest, genuinely agrees with what is being said, or is in the process of microsleeps, her head nods back and forth all the same regardless.

It’s the prefect inspiration for a bobblehead doll, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.

Greatness as leader of the Land of Nod that is. Anything else is either implied or may be yet to happen.

Besides, the concept for a Bill Clinton bobblehead doll (which Monica Lewinsky was probably tight-lipped about) probably wasn’t suitable for mass consumption, especially by children.

In the 2016 race to elect the next President of the United States, it’s reasonable to wonder that if the Democrats can have a Hillary Clinton bobblehead doll, why can’t the Republicans also have their own Donald Trump bobblehead doll?

And maybe they should get one.

If things are honest, there already exists a Donald Trump bobblehead doll.

But instead it’s politics, and it’s a tactic of choice to answer one question with another question:

Feature Image Credit: Royal Bobbles