Sheep Stop Criminal Car Chase, Only in New Zealand?

Debatably the most New Zealand story ever, sheep have stopped criminals escaping.

A car was pulled over by police near Alexandra on Friday morning, but the driver of the Honda attempted to make a getaway.

Leading to a 90 minute police chase through both Cromwell and Kawarau Gorges, to Queenstown and into Wakatipu Basin.

With police cars in pursuit, and road spikes used to apprehend the vehicle, ultimately a flock of sheep formed the quintessential New Zealand roadblock stopping the car.

Adding to the Kiwi factor, the flock of sheep where actually owned by a local police officer as confirmed by Senior Sergeant Paula Enoka.

Three men and a woman were subsequently arrested thanks to the police sheep.

No sheep were harmed in the police operation.

Which is choice as, bro.