LEGO-Compatible Adhesive Tape

LEGO and tape goes together like crowd and funding.

Such is the idea behind Nimuno Loops – The Toy Block Tape.

Bumps on one side and sticky on the other, using the tape allows almost any surface to be turned into a LEGO-compatible building block land of fun.

There’s also the Receiver Tape which acts like the base of LEGO-compatible building blocks, allowing for an expanded range of taping and block building activities.

Whether it’s accessorising toys, sticking building blocks to walls, or getting closer to helping answer what you might look like as a LEGO character, the adhesive LEGO-compatible tape has got things covered.

Probably literally.

Since it’s being crowdfunded, jump on board and order a few rolls of the Nimuno Loops to help make the LEGO-compatible sticky tape a reality.

Excessive use of the LEGO-compatible tape could be a sign of either necessity, ingenuity, desperation, or senility.

It may not be a Swiss Army knife or duct tape, but it should make MacGyver proud all the same.