Articuno Reportedly Found in Pokémon GO, then Revoked by Developer

The Legendary Pokémon, Articuno, reportedly surfaced in Pokémon GO, only to subsequently be removed from players’ accounts by the game’s developer Niantic.

One such claim of owning Articuno, came from gamer Kaitlyn Covey in Ohio, USA. Purporting that Niantic gave her the Legendary Pokémon, Articuno. Videos of Articuno have been posted to both Facebook and Twitch to offer up proof of the rare Pokémon’s existence.

Discussion on Reddit, along with screenshots, has also sort to corroborate (or falsify) the legitimacy of Articuno’s appearance.

However, the claims have been questioned, including that it’s a standard hoax, in addition to suggesting that the Pokémon GO code may have either been hacked or the appearance of Articuno was a glitch.

Niantic subsequently released the following statement to IGN about the matter:

“We recently noticed that a few Legendary Pokémon got into a few accounts when they shouldn’t have. To preserve the game’s integrity and as a measure of fairness, we have rectified the situation and revoked the legendary Pokémon from the Trainers’ accounts.”

Outrage could be building, suggesting that some more calm analysis could be in order for now.

Apart from wondering why the leader of Team Mystic is called Blanche, there’s also the question of: