Nintendo Switch Dock N64 Mod

Nintendo’s latest video game hybrid console the Nintendo Switch is doing well, doing what it does.

It’s not without a few design issues. Including the issue of the Joy-Cons de-syncing.

As for the docking mechanism, effectively to charge the portable handheld and turn it into a more conventional home video game console with added HDMI and USB, it is quick and efficient.

If not somewhat lacking in the potential nostalgia factor.

Fortunately a tech-savvy someone has taken to YouTube, where Tettzan Zone has modified a Nintendo 64 to use instead of the usual Switch dock.

USB ports now substitute in place of the controller ports.

While the N64 mod, the Nintendo Switch 64 dock, doesn’t allow for the Joy-Cons to be attached to the Switch while docked, it may be a small trade-off for some big nostalgia.