No CGI Leia in Star Wars: Episode IX

It’s brusque, but the title is to the point and pretty much says it all.

Following the death of Carrie Fisher, speculation has been rife about how, or what, Lucasfilm would do with Princess/General Leia Organa in Star Wars: Episode IX.

One such option was to do a Rogue One, and recreate Leia as a wholly digital character with CGI. Much like they did with Grand Moff Tarkin, and to a lesser extent a younger Princess Leia.

However, Lucasfilm has put such thoughts to rest with an official statement via the Star Wars website:

We don’t normally respond to fan or press speculation, but there is a rumour circulating that we would like to address. We want to assure our fans that Lucasfilm has no plans to digitally recreate Carrie Fisher’s performance as Princess or General Leia Organa.

Carrie Fisher was, is, and always will be a part of the Lucasfilm family. She was our princess, our general, and more importantly, our friend. We are still hurting from her loss. We cherish her memory and legacy as Princess Leia, and will always strive to honour everything she gave to Star Wars.

There it is.

No arguing with the Force that is Lucasfilm.

If there’s to be no CGI Leia, then presumably make-up and prosthetics on another actor are also out.

As should be, thankfully, splicing together old scenes of footage with Carrie Fisher in them.

The question now is: