Coining a phrase isn’t quite the same as phrasing a coin, but Deadpooling looks to be a thing now.

The character’s self-aware nature allows Deadpool to appear almost anywhere.

In everything.

And be prone to be popping up over anything.

Not unlike male teenagers

Meaning that breaking the fourth wall is no longer limited to DIY mistakes or an Interstellar plot twist.

Thanks to Zamurai Productions, the latest to get the Deadpool treatment, or a Deadpooling is a:

Tale as old as internet
Song as old as kismet
Deadpool and the Beast

For those waiting for the last rose petal to drop, it’s more of a Gaston musical number really and involves Disney’s live action rendition of Beauty and the Beast (2017) getting the Deadpool Musical parody treatment.

Plus nothing says “live action” quite like Deadpool.

There’s an irony there.



Only if you still need to change into your superhero costume in a phone booth.

Then timing is basically everything.

Feature Image Credit: Deadpool Said