Greyhound Adoption Day: The First of Many in NSW?

As the tussle over NSW Premier Mike Baird banning greyhound racing in the state continues, something more proactive is occurring than the rhetoric of political posturing and legal challenges.

This something, is to help the dogs find new homes.

These greyhounds are unlikely to keep racing, and they may never had a hope of winning any greyhound races to begin with. But they can be given new hope, and can make great pet dogs for the right people.

Greyhound Adoption Day will be held 10am-2pm this Saturday, 16 July 2016, at the Wentworth Park greyhound racing track in Sydney, NSW.

At least 20 greyhounds will be there and available for adoption as pets. Giving people the opportunity to meet the dogs, other owners, and speak with greyhound experts to learn more about the breed.

Admittedly it’s short notice for this first Greyhound Adoption Day.

However, the event is being run by Greyhounds As Pets NSW (GAPNSW) and Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW). Making it likely more such events to rescue and adopt greyhounds as pets will occur in the future.