SunHour – Clever Marketing and Charity Combine

SunHour is perhaps best described as a well-intentioned approach to charity and lifestyle improvement, in the form of social media marketing.

Ads seen on Australian television for SunHour urge:

Screens off. Life on.

The idea being to get children away from the usual television, phone, and computer screens. Along with the sedentary lifestyle that may be associated with such things. Then instead enjoy an hour of physical activity outside in the sunshine.

Which seems reasonable.

Following things a bit further, with the help of a computer no less, reveals that SunHour is a project by Golden Circle, in conjunction with The Smith Family charity.

With Golden Circle stating on the SunHour website:

“We will donate a bike to a less fortunate child for every 2,500 SunHours pledged before 30th November or until we reach our goal.”

The goal is to reach 1 million SunHours pledged.

Interestingly, to pledge a SunHour simply requires visiting the website and pressing a button.

With the option to share this pledge via social media, as well as sharing images of those enjoying their time in the sun through use of the #SunHour hashtag on social media platforms.

Admittedly it is marketing and internet traffic, and clickbait, for Golden Circle.

It is also rather ironic, given the use of electronic devices with screens and social media to spread the message of getting into the sunshine and enjoying the outdoors.

But, and this is the important part, in return Golden Circle is donating bikes to less fortunate children provided people simply visit the SunHour website and press a button to pledge a SunHour.

Nothing more required. Not even a sign-up form or submitting an email address.

Although it would be the decent thing to follow through, get away from the screens of electronic devices and actually go outside for an hour activity in the sunshine.

Cynical and tough as the exterior of a pineapple may be, on the inside it’s actually pretty sweet.