The Night Before Christmas in 2018

‘Twas the time before Christmas, near the end of 2018
Not surprisingly these lines stir, repeat what has been;
Though Khashoggi was not quite hung with care,
Mr. Miyagi waxed on popular culture to go there;
Investors got nervous, some blamed trade wars, others the Fed,
But Yellen was gone, no point in calling for off with her head
And Hondurans plus more in their caravan large, at a border did nap,
Calls to “build the wall” made wearing a Make America Great Again cap–
Barbara and George passed, sadness, a dignified clatter,
Deaths worth two Bushes in the hand for that matter.
A way with turkey, a question of whether to carve or to cut?
Yet ask the bird and it will tell you to go get–
Ducked any profanity, since it’s a family show,
Add a chicken, that’s a turducken of innuendo;
When, Harry married Meghan, a Royal Wedding did appear,
British ginger weds an American with colour, diversity’s here,
With movies an interest in the music of Queen, lively and quick,
Know Elizabeth is not a fat bottomed girl, if that does the trick.
More talk of Brexit and so May she came,
Whistling and shouting, the politics of blame:
Now across the pond, Californian wildfires were a burning,
The land more charred than ham roasted without turning;
If they’d swept the forest, prevented could’ve been it all!
Apparently raking is a technique, invented by Finland et al!
Of which such claims to, they do deny,
Fact check, Trump is that kind of guy;
Less top federal politician than a dad at a barbeque,
Rhetorical question – where the bloody hell are you:
Australian politics, another leadership spill, Liberals aloof
Prancing and pawing, Labor said the elections were proof.
Enter Scott Morrison, the reluctant PM, to turn things around,
Down the chimney came “Sco Mo” slinging slang by the pound:
Helper elves are pure Christmas, from head to boot,
Mistletoe overhead was seen romancing with Groot;
Perhaps perchance Peter Piper picked pickled peppers by the peck,
A Grinchy green Benedict Cumberbatch stole letters, xmas to wreck:
Misspelled as such – there didn’t seem much room for Christ,
Commercialisation, bargains, and sales all come at a price;
About religiosity Santa did wonder, although in the know,
Been cleared to fly over North Korea, it just goes to show;
The stump of a pipe may yet be smoked in peace,
Better than mushroom clouds or laying of wreaths.
With a stroke of the beard, and a laugh of the belly
He prepped the reindeer, Rudolph’s nose red as jelly:
Santa crossed the delivery of rockets off his twice-checked list,
Japan breathed a sigh of relief, not wanting to test a near miss;
A wink of their eyes and hair combed over their heads
Previous tweets of little rocket man now nothing to dread.
Trump and Kim spoke not a word, but went straight to their work,
End the mocking heard; with diplomacy each seemed less of a jerk,
And so Santa put his finger not up his nose
And gave a nod, then from Lapland he rose.
Santa sprung with toys in sleigh, over the South China Sea he did whistle,
Flight, freedom of navigation, with a velvet glove handed down the epistle:
But it was exclaimed, ere these words be driven from sight–
Merry Christmas to all, and to all of 2018 good night.