How Long Does the Average Man Last in Bed?

In a brief, but upright study, Pfizer (the makers of Viagra) aimed to answer an age-old question: How long does sex last with the average male? Ask any male, chances are each and every one of them will tell you they’re above average (in size too), and that’s not just those living at Lake Wobegon. Females may give a more honest assessment. Including both, the study of 500 couples, which lasted four weeks (more than any male in it by a long shot) between the sheets in bed, found some rather telling results about how long males lasted during sex before climaxing: 22 percent lasted only 0 to 3 minutes. 54 percent lasted between 4 and 11 minutes. 24 percent lasted over 12 minutes. In the rare cases of outliers, some males managed to last over 21 minutes during lovemaking. Although they may be masters of Tantric sex. The median ...

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6 Reasons Why the World Needs Hero Boyfriends

Meet Joe Average. He has been there since the dawn of time. Somewhere in the middle. The everyman. Like it not, about half the males are actually worse than Joe Average. And about half are better. Poor Joe Average, no-one really notices him. In the Middle Ages, while he was sweeping the floor, the ladies were talking of heroes. Like Lancelot. Hoping that a knight in shining armour would sweep them off their feet. Present day, not much has changed. Sure, there’s an app for almost everything. Promising the world. Including those from not-so-secret societies of pickup artists and players, all promising Joe Average that if he just rolls the dice and gets his game on, he too will be able to lance. A lot. So, somehow, Joe Average has got a girlfriend. Whether through luck, pity, or something else. The good news is, on average, something has to work. ...

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